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 "Ali was lovely. She was gentle, witty, and thorough. She explained her processes and made me feel like I had her complete focus when she was with me, despite the fact that she had several other patients to attend to. I liked her a lot and I feel confident that her treatment will effectively heal my ankle. The office was clean and the staff was friendly, and it was a great experience."

Britany G.

"Brian L. is a very patient and caring therapist.  He takes his time to explain the mechanics of the body and why certain movements and exercises are good.  He did an excellent job describing the plan and how things should feel and the progress I should expect!" 

Ken C.

"Erwin has a great bedside manner!  He explains everything that he does and the reson behind it.  he is very personable!"

Carlettta H.

" Brian L has been a joy to work with and extremely effective.  I would whole heartedly reccomend him !"

Cheryl S.

" Brian M. is very knowledgeable!  Although sometimes it feels like bootcamp, my back feels better!"

Renu P.

"Erwin is great!  He knows his stuff and pushes when necessary but also knows when too much is too much!"  More importantly he understands the feeling of wanting to get back to being active."

Latoya S. 

"Ali is Great!  Vey Impressive assessment ability!  Would definately recommend to firends and colleagues"

Jess V.

"My experience with the entire staff has been amazing."

Susan C.

"I didn't hold out alot of hope that PT could do anything.  This experience has changed my mind - my foot is better!"  Katherine G
"Brian L. is an excellent therapist.  The office and staff are professional and friendly"  Michael K.
"I didn't hold out alot of hope that PT could do anything. This experience has changed my mind - my foot is better!"
Katherine G.
"Brian L. is an excellent therapist. The office and staff are professional and friendly"
Michael K.

"I treated with Ali. This place is great! The service I received was much more than I expected. Ali is very attentive. She makes sure to take an interest you as a person which makes the whole process so much easier. It felt like I was going to see a friend when I had my appointments and missed her once my treatment was complete but alas my ankle was no longer in need of therapy. Who knew therapy could be fun?"

Charlotte M.

"Not only is she a knowledgeable professional, she is incredibly personable. Honestly, my PT appointment was almost fun. I highly recommend!"

Rebecca N.

"Ali was seriously incredible. She listened to me and recommended wonderful steps to help with my hip pain. I will continue seeing her until I have healed from my injury and I cannot recommend her enough. Knowledgeable, with a wonderful bedside manner and easy to talk to."

Regina H.

"I have only had one appointment, but I am already very impressed, and I feel comfortable that I am in the right hands. She seemed extremely knowledgeable, particularly regarding my specific condition & refreshingly candid. I have already scheduled my next three appointments with her!"

A Verified Patient

"I just had a great first appointment and I've already seen tremendous improvement is my flexibility and range of motion. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, with an excellent bedside manner!"

Peter B.

"Ali was fantastic. I was seen immediately with a last-minute appointment due to severe back and neck pain. She was thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate."

Mary C.

"Brian's analysis of my pain and condition and explanation was excellent. He did a great job managing my expectations to get me back to sport. I recommend him to all of my friends."

Joanne S.

"Brian was very knowledgeable, thorough and kind- I left feeling so much better and optimistic about my situation! He is great to work with, and really wants to manage the underlying problems rather than get a quick fix. Would recommend to anybody- he's great!"

Emily D.

"Very thorough. Will explain everything in detail."

Wambui M.

Friendly and optimistic!

A Verified Patient

She was friendly, thorough, helpful.

Samantha C.

It was great. She was attentive, and informative, I felt she took good care of me and I look forward to my next.

Jonas V.

Good neck massage & explanation of purpose of exercises.

Kelsey L.

It was great and I truly feel that even in one visit my time & efforts were completely satisfied. I've been a patient for years and I always feel stronger and in less pain when I leave. Each doctor knows so well how to help every specific pain I may have.

Courtney V.

Very productive, detailed instructions.

Peter L.

My visits have been very informative. I feel like I haven't been given answers that properly, explained a path to take to get back on the field when I wanted and fully understand what's happening until I came here. Now I actually understand more about what's happening and how to fix it.

Brian L.